Industry Use Cases

The Possibilities Are Limitless

TetraVue LiDAR is designed to optimally perform in a wide array of industries, ranging from autonomous vehicles, to manufacturing, engineering, robotics, as well as for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications in gaming and filmmaking.

Autonomous Driving
With 100x more real-time spatial and motion data about the surrounding environment, AI-enabled ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) and autonomous driving can more quickly identify dangerous situations for a safer driving experience.
Movies / Television
In cinematography and AR/VR applications, depth information at the individual pixel level revolutionizes motion capture, digital asset acquisition and 4D visualization.
TetraVue enables the rapid creation of virtual worlds from real-world scenes, transforming labor intensive manual approaches and dramatically reducing post-production time and cost.
Industry 4.0
A better set of high definition machine vision “eyes” with accurate depth perception can help transform Industry 4.0 retooling of manufacturing and distribution.
Active and passive 3D motion capture of athletes and sporting events provide data that can be used for analytics, training and broadcast.
Vastly improved vision technology. Better eyesight allows for better decision-making.

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