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Who is TetraVue?

TetraVue is the leading innovator of 4D LIDAR video cameras that digitally capture the richness and depth of our fast-paced world in high definition. TetraVue’s groundbreaking technology combines the resolution of high definition video with the range of LIDAR to accurately capture motion and depth for large fields-of-view and distances. The company is headquartered in Vista, California with a Northern California development site in San Jose.

What's the Big Deal?

Unlike traditional LiDAR systems which use an array of lasers to gather only a few object points, TetraVue's 4D High Definition Solid State Flash LiDAR can determine the distance of objects AND identify them as well.

It can see the difference between a car, a tree, a child, a dog, a paper bag and a mouse!


  • Solid State Flash
  • Megapixel Resolution
  • Object Detection at 200+ meters
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 4D : Depth + Motion

random Fact

TetraVue's LiDAR captures 60 million bytes of data per second - 100x faster than traditional LiDAR!


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word on the street

“TetraVue’s LiDAR gives cars perfect vision and allows them to make better decisions. Imagine a car being able to instantly determine if a black spot is a rock or a plastic bag.”
— Connie Sheng, founding managing director at Nautilus Venture Partners
“We strongly believe that LiDAR is the key enabler for the next generation of autonomous vehicles. AGC’s zero infrared absorption automotive glass now offers to Tetravue new possibilities for its 4D LiDAR video camera integration.”
— Michel Meyers, Mobility Business Development Office Director, AGC Automotive Europe

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