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TetraVue 3D Cameras Will Drive Your Next Autonomous Car

February 19, 2017

TetraVue (Vista, CA, USA) Secures $10M in funding from several investors in order to address the autonomous vehicles market. TetraVue's 3D Flash LiDAR offers Ultra-HD resolution to help robust identification of unexpected and dangerous obstacles at hundreds of meters, a feature needed to reach true car autonomy.

TetraVue Applications


TetraVue makes a great camera. Not their words, but those of professionals using it. They need software partners to develop APIs and applications for many industries. Surprise them with ideas that haven't been explored yet, they're really good listeners. 


TetraVue images are 3D HD, in 2 Megapixel resolution, in grayscale. If you are a camera company that wants to synchronize your 2D color HD images with TetraVue, or have any other hardware products or concepts that could benefit from their 3D capture, please reach out to them today.

The New  Investors

Investors: Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Nautilus Venture Partners, Samsung Catalyst Fund and Foxconn.

About TetraVue

Founded in 2008, TetraVue’s Smart Vision products takes an entirely new approach to Time of Flight (TOF) technology and is the successful result of several years of experimental research. It’s designed to optimally perform in a wide array of industries, ranging from autonomous vehicles, to manufacturing, engineering, robotics, as well as for Virtual and Augmented reality applications in gaming and filming. As the visualization needs of businesses and consumers become more sophisticated, increasingly complex machines require intelligent 3D vision for maximal efficiency. TetraVue’s technology captures high definition images, in three dimensions, indoor or outdoor, and at long range with less power than a night light. For more info, visit