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TetraVue is the leading innovator of 4D LiDAR video cameras that digitally capture the richness and depth of our fast-paced world in high definition. TetraVue’s groundbreaking technology combines the resolution of high definition video with the range of LiDAR to accurately capture motion and depth for large fields-of-view and distances. The company has offices in Vista, California (northern San Diego county) and San Jose, California.

Our Team of Innovators

Paul Nahi
President & CEO

Paul brings 25 years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and operations leadership, spearheading disruptive technologies and driving market leadership in highly competitive marketplaces.

Paul Banks
Founder / Executive Vice President

Paul Banks is founder and Executive Vice President of TetraVue, working to commercialize advance 3D imaging technologies for industrial applications. High-resolution 3D video and imagery will play an important role to break down the barrier between the physical world and the digital world, revolutionizing metrology and imagery. Paul Banks received a Ph. D. in Applied Physics from the University of California, Davis, and has worked for twenty years in developing practical applications of laser and optical technology. This includes work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in ultrafast lasers and their applications to industrial materials processing. Following LLNL, he was co-founder of a new Photonics Division at General Atomics and led the laser R&D group in efforts in ultrafast to directed energy and airborne laser systems.

Dr. Banks has received 2 R&D 100 awards for work in laser materials processing. He has over 20 publications and 10 patents in laser and electro-optic technology, including 3D capture. He served on the advisory board of the SPAR 3D Imaging Conference and serves on the executive subcommittee of the ASTM E57 3D Imaging Standards Committee.

Bodo Schmidt
Sr. Director of Engineering

Bodo earned his Diploma at the University of Jena, Germany with a focus in nonlinear optics and lasers. After a decade in laser R&D at General Atomics, he joined TetraVue in its infancy and helped guide and develop its hardware and software development, including mechanical, electrical, optical, and systems engineering. Over the course of his career, he has earned a “MacGyver” reputation for finding innovative solutions to difficult technical problems. Bodo enjoys his family, triathlons, astronomy, and keeping up with everything tech. He also makes sure TetraVue is an awesome place to work.

Shung Chieh
VP of Systems Engineering

Shung Chieh has over 20 years of experience leading engineering and business teams to develop technology and products for end markets ranging from high-volume consumer to medical applications with large companies and startups.  He's worked mainly with imaging and sensing systems after getting his start at Agilent Technologies with the development and ramp of some of the first CMOS image sensors introduced in a smartphone.

Most recently, he was the VP of Engineering and Products at Inscopix, a neuroscience instrumentation startup, and prior to that he was the General Manager of the consumer imaging business at ON Semiconductor.  He has a passion for innovation and enjoys technical and business challenges. He has a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, an MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Francois Renet
Marketing & Business Development

Francois Renet has built his career in a variety of roles and industries around the globe, all with an eye toward marketing, branding, business development and customer relationships. 

After a career in the French Army, Francois began his civilian path within the airline industry, initially as a member of the ground personnel, making his way to a senior position with LUXAIR at the airport of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, which offered him the opportunity to move to the United States. Recruiter on Wall Street was Francois’ first step into the US market, followed by senior executive positions with Indie.com and WR Capital, a tech start up and a Fund of Fund respectively. Subsequently M. Renet joined WCI Communities, a Florida based real estate corporation and L&M Arts a top ten worldwide art gallery.

Currently, François has been championing the marketing and business development for Tetravue, a tech start up focused on manufacturing 3D cameras (LiDAR) for self driving vehicles, with applications for numerous additional industries such AR/VR/MR, movies and entertainment, robotics, architecture and construction, etc…

Francois is passionate about technology, and its use in the business world.

Arjun Chopra
Sr. Software Engineer

Arjun Chopra is the lead software engineer for TetraVue, responsible for the software elements and APIs for TetraVue’s 3D camera. Arjun has a M.S. and B.S. degrees in Computer Science from York University. His work specialized in computer vision and robotics, particularly in pose estimation, localization and tracking. In his several positions, he has been responsible for real-time implementations of such algorithms and is highly skilled in utilizing graphics processing units (GPUs) for 3D rendering and real-time image processing of large data sets.

Christopher Ebbers
Sr. Scientist

Christopher Ebbers received his undergraduate physics degree from Northwestern University and his doctorate in engineering from the University of California, Davis. Throughout his career he has been involved with the development of linear and nonlinear optical devices and is the recipient of four R&D 100 awards for the technical development of innovative laser components.  Probably the most rewarding aspect of his career has been as an adjunct faculty member at Las Positas College where he helped over 100 students reach their goal of a career in optical technology.  In addition, he has been a mentor and advisor to several graduate students.

Guity Vakili
Sr. Program Manager

A multi-national individual with an Electronics Engineering degree and 20+ years program management experience in new product development, launch and rollout to the external customers in the industries of Radio communications, Telecom, Manufacturing, Automotive and Retail. Respects people’s values, differences and makes things happen.

Stewart Tuvey

Stewart Tuvey leads the laser and illuminator development work at TetraVue. He has a M.S. and B.S. degrees in Physics from San Diego State University. His career has focused on developing new types of laser sources for a variety of applications. He also has extensive experience in phase control of optical sources and modulators. At TetraVue, he has also participated in developing extensive laser performance modeling capability and supply chain development.

Competitive Analyst

Toby joined TetraVue for CES 2018 where he demonstrated that TetraVue has the only LiDAR solution that could actually 'see' him...seriously. He was literally taken around to other booths on the show floor and no other LiDAR was able to detect him...only TetraVue's 4D Solid State Flash High Definition LiDAR was capable of seeing Toby. He has since become the TetraVue mascot.

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"If you look at the world today... you've got the real world, where we live in, and the virtual world, where machines work in. TetraVue is about bringing those two together...”

— Bodo Schmidt, Sr. Director of Engineering at TetraVue


Southern California
2330 Cousteau Court
Vista, CA 92081
Northern California
77 Rio Robles
San Jose, CA 95134

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