High Resolution

TetraVue’s technology uses standard CMOS and CCD pixel technology that is available in MegaPixel arrays. Leveraging this technology allows for lower risk, lower cost, and shorter time-to-market. During the first years, TetraVue has already demonstrated 10x higher resolution than other 3D technologies.


Low Power

Utilizing the illuminator photons efficiently is key to TetraVue’s performance and allows the system to work at long ranges, far beyond the constraints of the living room environment. Taking advantage of the unique method of acquiring images this also means that the system works well outdoors, both during day and night.


Long Range

Power consumption and system efficiency is critical for all markets. At the same time it also helps to reduce size and cost of the system. Using solid state technology with no moving parts, TetraVue's system is generally more efficient than other LIDAR methods. 

Features Overview

Founded in 2008, TetraVue’s Smart Vision products takes an entirely new approach to Time of Flight (TOF) technology and is the successful result of several years of experimental research. It’s designed to optimally perform in a wide array of industries, ranging from autonomous vehicles, to manufacturing, engineering, robotics, as well as for Virtual and Augmented reality applications in gaming and filming. As the visualization needs of businesses and consumers become more sophisticated, increasingly complex machines require intelligent 3D vision for maximal efficiency. TetraVue’s technology captures high definition images, in three dimensions, indoor or outdoor, and at long range with less power than a night light. 

Deeper Vision Image.png